Easy-Going Madrid

I had lunch today at Chorizo and Co. I go there often, and love their bonbon coffee. Tomas, one of the owners, is the only one in town who makes it the way it's supposed to be made. The Spanish way. Their dishes and service are the closest we come in this town to being in Spain.

Recently I was in Madrid and each time I go back to Europe, where I grew up, besides the food and drinks, I miss the ambience the most. Simple things like hugs, bon appetit, and the easy-going lifestyle. Like going out for dinner at 8 or 9 in the evening at the earliest. This of course, may take a couple of hours. No rushing, but enjoying the meal and the conversations. After that, going for a final drink in a different location. It's not a bar the way that we understand it, but more of a social gathering place.

Madrid is also full of beautiful century-old buildings. Condos, boutiques and restaurants are renovated into very contemporary, efficient places. A movie house, for example, was transformed into an impressive food-court with dozens of boutique tapas places with full service, and of course, wine at any time of the day. Part of normal life. 

Madrid is full of many neighbourhoods; each one feels like a small village waiting to be explored with coffee houses that are designed for lingering and are conducive to people watching and talking with the locals. No coffee to-go here. Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, I will be back.